Sunday, 23 December 2012

Solo dinghy refurb' update

With the centreboard seal replaced, I turned the boat over and started to remove the rubbing strakes. They were 4 strips of spruce 10mm wide and with at least 40 screws on each side, mostly hidden. I also removed the trim inside the cockpit to expose the edges of the ply decking. This too had about 35 screws on each side. I managed to prise the 4 ply pieces off without breaking them. The number of fastenings used was serious. The deck had been pinned down with 2 kinds of panel pin, bronze screws and stainless screws in an attempt to tighten everything up.  

Old failed glue joints

All the glue holding the deck on and holding the deck beams together had failed and I literally lifted them out with 2 fingers. I scraped all the joints clean, dried everything out and bonded them back in place. The old ply will be used as rough templates for the new deck.

Joints cleaned up
The mast partners are wet, rotten and will need re-making before the new ply deck goes on. 

The next step is to order the 5mm ply for the deck and some timber for the rubbing strakes and trim parts. The new rubbing strakes will be quite a lot slimmer and smarter.

One side dried, cleaned up and bonded back together.


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